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To start a Private Practice can be a very slippery slope without the necessary supportive systems in place. Support is needed in various aspect of service delivery. I have 11 years of experience in Private Practice, and manage my Practice with specific rules and regulations pertaining to the following. Professional supportive development services are focussed on the administrational and practical implications of the following:

  • Administrative and interaction with client guidance.
  • How do I ask for money – financial rules and systems.
  • Process and case management.
  • Guidance in dealing with areas of specialisation – legal cases related to divorce, parental responsibilities and rights, and the best interests of the child / children.
  • Guidance in dealing with cases as therapists, and not getting involved with client legal processes.
  • Setting of boundaries – boundaries in communication with clients.
  • Contractual agreement with clients.
  • Social media policy.
  • Communication policy.
  • Emergency policy.
  • Ethical implication of being in Private Practice and effectively managing the aforementioned functions.